Mrs. Fallscheer

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!!

Please read and sign your child's agenda nightly!!

I am very happy to be able to be with the grade 6's for Language Arts. On this website, you will be able to find valuable information about the units we are working on. Please, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email or call me here at the school. 

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday Dec. 14 Grade 6 Swimming PM

Tuesday Dec. 20 Christmas Concert

Wednesday Dec. 21 Grade 6 Christmas Party with Chinese Gift Exchange, Cookie Decorating and Shared Lunch

Christmas Shared Lunch

Chips and Drinks: Brody, Waniya, Lexi

Lage Fruit Tray: Kaden, Karsyn, Josef

Lage Veggie Tray: Castin, Jratyn

Baked Goods: Sydney, Jaryn, Gage, Ayva

Lage Meat and chesse tray: Bret, Lily, Keanu, Jullianne

Crackers and drinks: Devin, Grace, Gabrielle, James

Mini Sandwiches: Saddie, Ms. Low, Mrs. Fallscheer

Treat of the Week Schedule: 

Please bring for 25 students.

December 16: James

January 13:Castin

January 20: Karsyn

January 27: Jratyn

February 2: Lexi

February 10: Ayva 


SPELLING PRACTICE? Here's a great website to help you work on spelling ONLINE with your kids! Check it out!


September Unit: When Disaster Strikes

In this unit students have been learning about one of four natural disasters (hurricane, flood, earthquake, or tsunami) through a newspaper they have been assigned to. We work in class discussing the various things people face when faced with a natural disaster. We are also reading a wonderfully tense historical fiction novel called "Safe As Houses" by Eric Walters. This book will have the kids on the edge of their seats as they learn of the fate of three Canadian children as they battle the fury of Hurricane Hazel, which hit Toronto on October 15, 1954. We are about half way through the novel and it has the kids in suspense...what will happen next?

We will soon be starting our final project for this unit, where students will have to create a personal or family emergency preparedness kit. If you would like to try one out, here is the link to one you can do as a family...just in case!

Emergency Preparedness Guide

Wanna help out? Check out this game with your child! (Remember to sign in as a GUEST!)

November: Mission Space

In this unit we will be looking at the history and future of Space Exploration, especially in Canada. We will be reading a non-fiction book about the International Space Station (ISS) and learning about what life is like up in space. We will be doing some space sim's (simulations) and learning about acronyms and idioms. This is a very fact filled and hands on unit where the kids will learn how to use facts to create fictional peices of text. We will read a comic book about Galileo's Galaxy and start to think about our final project; a graphic novel on space exploration. Our final project will be worked on in class as a rough draft, then we can take it home to work on and finish it.



Social Studies: If you missed class this link will read the textbook to you!!

Math: This link provides video instruction for each topic!